Do you need to Evict?

Our office has performed just over 600 evictions. While from time to time our landlords present our office a case that is difficult, that said we have always succeeded in moving the occupants out.

For some deciding to engage in an eviction action, is hard. The bottom line is that many of our clients agree, they waited to long and have been taken advantage of. Enough is Enough.

Some reasons you might decide to file an unlawful detainer might include:

  • Non-Payment or Default in Rent
  • Lack of Compliance with other terms of the agreement (verbal or written)
  • Drug Dealing
  • Forclosure
  • You have decided to sell the property
  • and many more...
You name it we have seen it. Our office along with our attorney will craft a game plan, present it to you for approval and move forward.
When it is time, don't delay. Please call our office.

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3 Day Notices

We can prepare all types of 3 Day Notices.  3 Day to Pay or Quit, 3 Day To Perform or Quit and so on.  You let us know what you want and we will prepare and email it.  At that point you can print and serve it.


30 and 60 Day Notices

These notices are used for "no cause" eviction.  Most landlords use these notices when they want to sell the unit, remodel it or just move on to a new tenant.

In some cases a 90 Day Notice might be required. 

Court Order for Entry

Are you evicting someone and you are concerned as to the current condition of the property?  With 100% success we have obtained Court Orders for Entry for the purposes of inspection.  Contact us for more information.

File An Answer

No matter where you live in California, we can prepare your answer and email it to you.  Our fee's are very reasonable and you will receive very quick response.

Summons and Complaint

Have you been served a Summons and Complaint for Unlawful Detainer?  As you have read on your summons, time is of the essence.  If you would like our office to prepare your response to the lawsuit.. Don't Delay!  Contact Us Today!!!